Church Council

The Church Council  is the executive body of the church and is responsible for the planning and administration of the total church mission.  Specific responsibilities are found in the Church Constitution  The church council is composed of 12 voting members elected from the active members of the congregation.  The minister shall serve as an ex-officio member for the council with voice but no vote.  More than half of the voting members shall constitute a quorum.


2023 Church Council Officers:

President – Chester Jenke

Vice President – Steve Lock

Secretary – Andrea Waite

Treasurer – Kyle Bading

Memorial Fund – Kyle Bading

Building and Grounds – Steve Lock and Bill Breitenkamp

Board of Christian Education – Vicki Wilson

Board of Evangelism – Rudy Orona

Board of Parish Life – Deloris Kraft-Longoria and Jill Law

Board of Worship Life – Andrea Waite

FELA Representatives – Cody Klaehn